In the most action-packed ICA episode to date, Jerry explains how he would direct the ICA commercials. As an action hero, he shoots big guns, fight ninjas and save Stig from a huge explosion instead of taking the easy way out by the hand of the SWAT-team that comes crashing through the ceiling.

Stopp composited all the effects shots, created a CG Blackhawk helicopter, added bits and debris, as well as the usual product pack treatment. The exploding window with a piece of meat flying among shattered glass and fire is full CG, animated debris and CG fire. The final shot of the exploding ICA store, is a CG/matte painting background with explosions and CG debris, and a live action element of Jerry and Stig in the foreground. Stig was carried on a stretcher which was painted away to create the illusion that Jerry was carrying him.